Dr Lu Fenny takes a holistic approach to pet wellness.

Yesterday Di sat down with Dr Lu Fenny, Gold Coast based Holistic Vet for a live Q&A. 

With over 11 years vet experience, Dr Lu combines conventional medicine with evidence-based natural therapies. Dr Lu focuses on improving wellbeing, vitality and the quality of life while looking at the whole pet, rather than just the symptoms. 

In this informative, 40 min video, Di and Lu unpack the following questions before opening it up to the audience.  

  • What is holistic health for pets? 
  • How herbal medicine can help your pets?
  • Animal communication to combat anxiety. 
  • Different modalities when it comes to pet care.

Dr Lu is available for both home and telephone/video consultations - she is best contacted via her website - Home - Dr Louisa Fenny (byronbayholistic.vet)